Thursday, January 31, 2008

Goodies, Goodies

A couple of days of antibiotics do wonders for your outlook. Add in the fact that I can eat solid food again and the improvement in my blood sugar means my mood is drastically improved. Thanks to everyone who sent get well soon wishes -- and put up with my whining! So, now that I'm feeling human again I thought I would share some of the goodies I've been treating myself to lately. Some fabric goodies, a few knitting goodies, all thanks to some Christmas and birthday mad money -- wooo hooo!

First up -- a recent purchase with a lovely Christmas gift certificate. I love this house and laundry line fabric. No, it's not new. It's been out for awhile. Over a year at least. But, it makes me smile for some reason every time I see it. I have no idea why. I've been eyeing it for at least a year and I finally had an excuse to buy it.

And my excuse for getting it now? This ribbon. It also makes me smile for no apparent reason. I bought this to wrap my daughter's Christmas presents with (yes, she had pink presents -- but, the red polka dots went -- really). When I found out it was printed on both sides -- I went nuts. (ok, so I may have been nuts before then -- and it may have taken very little to amuse me at that point in the holiday season -- but seriously? how cute is this?) I knew I HAD to use it for some sort of sewing project -- so I made sure to snatch it as it was coming off of the gifts. (yes, I actually still have some on the roll as well -- but, hey, recycling here!) What I'm going to do with the combo I don't know exactly, I'm thinking bags of some sort -- but something. And soon!

And while I was snagging the house fabric, I also found this lonely little pattern hanging out in a clearance bin. $1.00. Can you believe that? $1.00. I don't so much care about the projects -- but the little stitchery patterns are adorable. And for that price? Oh yea, coming home with me! I also picked up some fusible fleece to make another mini-messenger bag soon, but, nothing all that interesting about white fluffy stuff.

This brings us to what I was going to blog about last weekend -- my Friday shopping spree. Before the plague hit -- I was able to go out and spend some of my mad money. Bwahahahaha.

First stop was Michael's for this book (whole story there about not having a 40% off coupon, being told where I could find one -- leaving the store to get it -- yes, I am that cheap frugal -- coming back without a coupon due to bad information -- and a store clerk giving me the discount anyway because I did try to get one).

Why this one? Well, I had checked it out at the library recently. Some really cute patterns, a few things I was kind of interested in but not sure enough to buy it. Then Miss Tinkerbell saw this pattern. Her reaction was a demand request for Mommy to make it for her, complete with color demands choices. What's a mother to do? Yeah -- we've already established that I bought the book right?

Yep -- and the next stop was the LYS. For the yarn. In pink and purple. As ordered. I'm such a sucker. Though, I have to admit -- when Tink saw the yarn she wanted to wrap herself up in it immediately. (forget that Mommy still needs to knit it) *sniff* I'm so darned proud of her. Of course, we'll neglect to mention that while I THOUGHT I had the right needles for this one, I don't -- so, I have to make another trip. But that's ok -- I have an order for some yarn from my aunt. Any excuse will do!

And, while I didn't get the needles for this project while I was there -- I did buy some needles for another project. And some more yarn (though, no photo of that, I'll have to take care of that later). I did get another knitting book with my birthday loot though -- a beautiful Debbi Bliss book. (thank you Borders and a 30% off coupon)

I have to admit the patterns in this one are wayyy a bit above my skill level. But -- oh, man. This one is just killing me. And, since the patterns go up to kids' sizes 8-10 years -- I might even be able to make one that will actually fit my daughter by the time I finish it. Maybe. Probably. Um, we'll see. It's at least inspiring eye candy.

And while I was already out and about -- well, why not a quick stop at a favorite LQS? (oh come now, a day spent shopping for crafty goodness and you think I didn't end up at a quilt shop? Please!) I will admit I was a bit restrained at the quilt shop though. Something about a basket full of projects I want to get to has been restraining me when it comes to fabric purchases lately. But, I did get this little goodie (and some muslin to back it with) -- I had such fun doing the last one I just had to have another one. More hand quilting -- wooo hooo! I can't believe I just said that -- um, no, I haven't been abducted by pod people, I really am excited about this. Cool, 'cause I can't wait to get this one sandwiched and started.

So, that's it for the goodies for right now. I do have some progress to share on some WIPs and an idea that I would like some feedback on, but this post is getting looooonnnggg. (I know, par for the course with me) I think I'll split it up a bit, so don't be surprised if you see a couple of posts in one day from me. Later!

PS -- sorry about any spelling errors in this one -- I usually do run spell check (knowing that I am a lousy speller and that I tend towards typos) but for some reason, blogger doesn't like it's spell check right now. Phooey.


Sue in western WA said...

That clothes line and house fabric would make the cutest apron! Maybe you could use the ribbon for the ties?

What a great shopping expedition you had! woohoo!

Kim said...

Oooooh! Ahhhhhh! Great stuff! And you sound so much better! Looks like you have some fun ahead!

Libby said...

There's just something about a clothes line motif . . . I'm drawn to them, too. Your Bareroots pattern is a steal . . . she always puts out such sweet things.

Nan said...

I am finally coming up from being behind in blog reading (my usual!), and just had to say nice shopping! You are making me want to knit more and more. The pink and purple yarn is gorgeous!! Those fabrics, especially the clothesline one, are too cute! I wouldn't have needed an excuse to buy those - they are 'must haves' in my book. Very nice quilt top for quilting by hand.
Thanks for sharing all your retail therapy - I've enjoyed every moment!

SierraMoon said...

may i ask you where you got those awesome fabrics (first picture) from ?!!
no news about your MCI ?