Friday, December 28, 2007

It's a wrap

Well -- another year, another Christmas come and gone (almost -- still have one day of presents with the in laws to do) and yet another year where I SWEAR I am going to get my presents done earlier next year! Geesh -- ya think after 35 years I would have learned better. Oh well -- most of what I wanted to get done got done, and what wasn't finished? Well -- I have some IOUs out there. I suppose I could have gotten a couple more things finished -- but that would have meant missing out on things like cookie baking (Miss Tinkerbell had a blast and can you tell her favorite color these days is pink?). Yeah -- it's ok that a few things didn't get done to have those memories :0).

I did get quite a bit of my list of insanity done though. I think there were only two or three "I really think I can do this" items that didn't get finished (or started for that matter) and the others -- well, they were optional to begin with. Wanna see? (ok -- who am I kidding -- I love the show and tell parts of my blog -- why else would I mention these things?)

Mom's hand quilted pillow. DONE!!! Remember when I mentioned that I had started this way back in October? Well, Mom said she might like it -- hehehehe. So, along with all of the other first efforts -- she got my first hand quilted piece. I ended up turning it into a pillow per her request (for decorative purposes only upon pain of death -- REALLY). You should be able to click on the photo for a better view, but if I do say so myself this turned out beautifully. (ok -- side note here -- isn't it nice when you manage to impress even yourself with your own work?)

And for those of you who wondered whether or not the pre-printed blue lines from the wholecloth came out when finished, the answer is yes. They do. Totally, utterly, and completely. I washed in cold with just a little bit of detergent and I couldn't be happier with it. Not even a hint of the blue left. For anyone who is thinking of trying one of these as an intro to hand quilting? I have to say go for it! I went to the shop where I bought it to get another one for myself. They're out right now -- but when they get them back in, I'm all over it!

Dolly. DONE. Truly one of the most important ones too. And, no, dolly was not nekkid when I gave her to Tinkerbell. She had a snazzy little outfit in pink and green (since, as Tink has been saying for about a month or more -- Santa was going to bring her PINK presents). I was even proud of myself for using fabrics from my stash to make the outfit. I was so tempted just to go out and buy new -- but I resisted and I couldn't be happier that I went ahead and used what I had.

Dolly even got a blankie so she doesn't get cold in her crib. There was some doubt this one was going to happen. I just used the left overs from making the outfit and did a quick and dirty on it. I took my cue from modern quilts and just kind of started cutting and putting it together. I'm really happy with it too -- which confirms for me that I tend to over complicate things too much.

I did "cheat" a bit though -- it's not "quilted". (ah - yeah, like 2 days before Christmas I was going to actually quilt this one, nope, insane is one thing -- the other is just plain crazy). Thankfully pearl cotton and tying is a viable option!

As for Miss Tinkerbell? Oh my -- all the effort that went into this one was sooooo worth it. She loves her dolly. She won't go anywhere without her. She puts her in her crib, and covers her up so sweetly. Of course, a certain guy in a red suit and a bunch of elves got credit for her. Humph. I suppose I can share with the big guy -- knowing she loves it so much is what is really important.

Tinkerbell's train mat. DONE. This is the best photo I have of this one -- and really, not that much to it. A pre-printed panel with some quilting (again -- glad there isn't a better picture since the quilting on this one is, well, horrible would be kind, but -- for what it is -- it does the job) and a binding. A solid backing in a coordinating fabric, and you have yourself a train mat. As for my opinion of the workmanship in it -- I'm not being hard on myself (really, see me sing my own praises above). I'm being honest that I have NO clue what I'm doing when I do free motion quilting and that I need to practice. For what this "blankie" is (something to be put on the floor and played on), what I did is fine. I would just like to do better than ok. It's a goal -- and this is a good thing :0).

What didn't get done? Knit bag for AL -- I found another gift bag to use (though, I do believe Mom left before I could put the scarf into it -- drat!!! Oh well, I'm one up on a gift for next year!). And in case anyone kind of recognizes the fabric in the back -- yep, the gifts I made for Mom that I hinted about earlier? Yep -- a whole passel of drawstring bags. Mom filled them up with goodies, but I made the bags :0).

The only other thing I really wanted to get done that got postponed was my mil's apron. But, since we're not exchanging gifts until tomorrow -- um, I actually have a little time. I've actually taken the past few days off from sewing anything (though I may have started a new knitting project -- just maybe mind you). Looks like break time is over though -- I need to get back to my sewing! I've also got a bunch of thank yous, photos of new goodies (Santa was VERY good to me), and some new things in progress to get to, but that's for another post! Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and is having a safe week leading into the New Year! I'll be back soon (really -- I'm just about caught up with non-computer stuff, but if you could slow down with your posting so I have a chance to catch up on reading??!!??)


gwen said...

I can only congratulate on all the beautiful presents you managed "just" before Christmas! The doll is very cute indeed with her outfit and your first attempt at hand-quilting turned out very good. I wish you a happy new year and take care.

katelnorth said...

I like those bags - great idea. Might have to put that on next year's list - to start in September, of course!

Carolyn said...

Looks like you got an awful lot done, congratulations! I made one quilt. That's it, one. And I have a longarm! You have me beat by a mile! :o)

Sue in western WA said...

How wonderful that Tink loves the doll and accessories! Nothing can beat that feeling. Way to go Mom!

I love the fact that she was so confident Santa was bringing her PINK presents :- ) Can't wait to share that gem with my DD (whose own dd wanted a choo choo train for Christmas and doesn't appear to have a clue as to who Santa is).

BTW, you can't fault ME for posting too much during the holidays! I haven't even had the computer ON for days!

Best wishes for the coming year!

YankeeQuilter said...

Wow you got a lot done! Love the little doll and her blanket.

Hope you have a Happy New Year!


Morah said...

You and me both...I SWEAR I'M GOING TO MAKE GIFTS A BIT AT A TIME! Well, how to do this??? On the other hand you sure DID make an awful lot of gifts. Be proud of what you did get done and forget the'll still be there and IT cares not one whit if it's on your shelf or someone else's....I'm jealous of all you've accomplished!

The Wooden Spool said...

wow, you sure did a lot....your should feel so good to get it all done....the pillow is gorgeous...quite the patience you have to hand quilt....a real treasure....and that tinkerbell doll is out of this world with her matching fun!

andsewitis Holly said...

It would take me YEARS to accomplish as much as you did just before Christmas. You did great!

Happy New Year!!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

The dolly is so cute - I had no idea how large she was until you showed the pic in the crib. very sweet. Great pillow too - glad you enjoyed the project so much. Happy New Year.

corry said...'ve done so much! The doll is so cute and I love the pillow!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Well done, Atet! The dolly is sure to become a well loved companion, it doesn't get any better, or sweeter than that...unless it's a very pink cookie!

Dawn said...

Hey I love those drawstring bags! Very cute! And most of all I LOVE dolly!

Suzanne Earley said...

dolly and her quilt are adorable! great work on all of your handmade gifts. maybe next year i'll think ahead and do the same. or not.

Nan said...

What can I say? The photo of the cookie baking is priceless - memories are much more important than presents! Dolly, clothes and blankie are all beautiful - "Santa" is a very talented girl!! The icing on the cake is that your cutie pie loves dolly so! Your hand quilting is lovely - you even have me thinking about doing one of those meself! I still love the drawstring bags - very cute!!
Glad your Christmas was wonderful!!

Rose Marie said...

Well ..... you did good, real good! That pillow is sweet and love your handquilting and what a darling doll!

Tania said...

Angela - The Melly & me patterns came up great - I have been meaning to check out your site to see if you had finished the patterns - it has taken me a while, but I finally did it. You have done a tremendous job

Cheers Tania