Sunday, July 13, 2008

Signs of Summer

I've been a bit obsessed here lately trying to get ideas for my summer four season's swap. I've had three or four different directions and nothing seems to be working out. UGH. And possibly -- Help?!?

Anyway, in my search for things that are quintessentially "summer" -- I thought I would share some of my ideas that haven't suggested HOW to work themselves out into fabric.

Is this just an American thing or does tinny, loud music coming slowly down the street raise the heartbeat and excitement of children all over the world? Because you just KNOW this guy is coming down the street and your parents can be talked into a before dinner treat?

And that for just a couple of dollars (or less) there are choices to be made for a cool and refreshing treat.

Or that sitting on the back porch with your prize in hand and totally spoiling your dinner is a wonderful way to spend a lazy summer afternoon?

Of course, some of this idyllic splendor is done to the back drop of Eddie Murphy chanting "I got my ice cream" in my head...but I think that has to be part of being a child of the 80's.

There has to be a quilt in there someplace doesn't there? Please? Anyway, my fabric angst aside -- hope you've enjoyed a slice of my summer.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crossing T's

Just a bit of a quickie post for today since Mom will be here in a couple of hours and I still need to finish some cleaning and errands. I also have no idea if I will have time to post until after the 4th -- so Happy B-day (kind of) USA! More immediately importantly to my family -- Mom's b-day is on the 5th so there will be some clebratin' going on here.

So -- the final cross stitch examples from Mom's house. This little kitty is dated though I can't make it out all that well -- I think it was from '87 and that sounds about right. I have no idea of the pattern on this one or where it's from but it's cute.

And this little Angel is one I finished in '87 as well. It seems that was a good year for cross stitch. Hmmn. This one is a Mar Beck angel. One of these came out a year for a long time, and Mom collected all of the patterns. Of course, this is the only one that was ever completed -- but, hey. The patterns are there if I ever decide to give up quilting -- yeah, like that's gonna happen!

Thanks for hanging out with me as I traipsed through my Mom's house -- I know she has other samples of my work, but, well, these were the easy ones to find. Oddly enough, I think I only have three samples of my own work in my house. Oh well, I'd rather quilt anyway :0).