Monday, January 14, 2008

Back to Normal

Or, well, as normal as it gets here at casa de cornfields. After dealing with the 48 hour stomach ick with Miss Tinkerbell, she's all better and back to her normal headlong dash through her days. Whew. There are days when I wish for a break from the constant activity -- until she gets sick and I see what she's like without it. I need to remember that when I'm about to pull my hair out (or collapse in a heap because she has WAY more energy than I do). Thank you so much to everyone who posted and sent good wishes for quick recovery. They are appreciated (and I'm working on answering emails).

For some reason I haven't got much crafty/quilty/knitting related to show. My "long" weekend pretty much consisted of staying our pajamas all day and cuddling on the couch with some Disney classics. (Tink has been fascinated by Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, and The Little Mermaid -- I didn't know if she had the patience to sit through these yet. Turns out, she LOVES them. Cool.) Oh yeah, and the other cutie? He got to clean up Friday night's bed icks. I love an equal opportunity laundry family!

We also spent a lot of time explaining that it was too cold/wet/icky out to go to the park -- so we played with markers, and play doh, and all the other good art stuff we've got hanging around. It's fun watching her put together colors and how she puts them on the page. One of the pieces in there is totally inspired by the fairies in Sleeping Beauty. She gave me the pink marker, she took blue and had fun "zapping" any pink marks I made on the page. I was cracking up. I also have to keep remembering she is only 2 when we watch some of these movies. I've taught the Italian version of Sleeping Beauty (as well as the Perrault version) -- there are things I can wait to explain to her.

And just so this isn't just another rambling post about my life and family (not that there is anything wrong with that) I did manage to finish a couple of things. These are actually WISPs (ala May Britt only I forgot to get a "before" picture for these to count for her January Challenge) I've been working on for awhile. I started these way before Christmas as shop samples but the holidays got here and things got crazy.

They are little children's hangar covers done in wool and embroidery. A really fun and (if you're not totally swamped and hand work challenged like I seemed to be) relatively quick gift idea for a little one. I can so see these as nursery decorations or as a great presentation/gift giving idea for a hand knit or sewn creation. And -- well, 'cause it's me (and because pink and green are Tammy's signature colors) why bother with pastels? Or am I the only one who thinks that pastels are ok for babies -- but I'd much rather play with in-your-face brights?

The pattern for this one is from Daisy and Dell. There are actually three patterns in one -- though I just did one pattern in two color ways. The wool is from Weeks Dye Works (I've loved their hand dyed embroidery flosses for years -- now that I've worked with the wool I'm even more in love). I'm also thinking I want to work with more wool. I haven't done much before because most of what you see are the more "primitive" color palates. I love the designs -- but the colors kind of leave me cold. But -- take the same folksy designs and punch up the colors? I'm sooooo there. These particular colors are bubble gum and chartreuse. (and I am really hoping that Tammy gets more of these wools or others like them in the shop -- hint, hint) The flosses are also from Weeks -- Emma's Pink, Chartreuse and Saffron for the yellow. The "ribbons" are ones I made out of some fat quarters. I looked for ribbons to match but couldn't find anything that really "went" -- so, 3" strips made into a tube and you have a fabric ribbon! All in all a really fun project to play with -- and look, more embroidery -- one of my New Year's goals I'm already working on! Wooo Hoo! And they have been delivered to their home -- so totally finished!

I do have some more finishes to share soon. A couple of knitting projects (nap time is a good time -- and longer naps for sick baby meant a few things done) but I need to get photos. So, see you all soon -- and thank you again for all of the encouragement. It means so much to me!


Felicia said...

I'm so glad to hear that every one is feeling better at your house.

I love those little dresses for hangers! They're adorable :)

Suzanne Earley said...

Those hanger covers are so sweet.

Glad everyone is recovered!

PamKittyMorning said...

I love how those hangers turned out. HOw cute are they!!! And yes, VERY Tammy colors! LOVE TAMMY! Tell her hi from me. And glad your little patient is better.

Sassenach said...

Wow -- with all that you did this past month, I'm surprised you didn't end up on the funny farm! I agree with you about how horribly helpless a feeling it is when your child is ill. Glad everyone's on the mend.

Carole said...

Sorry to read about Tink! Yea, I've been through nites like that. No more sheets left! As they get older, it sort of dies down! Well, they just manage better and are quicker to react! Lovely hangers! They are so sweet! They would make a nice gift! Thanks for sharing!

Screen Door said...

I love the hangers-- too pretty to use!!!

Lisa D. said...

Aw - what a sweet picture of Mr. Cornfields and your baby girl. I'm glad everything is returning to normal. Your hanger covers are super cute!

Nan said...

Sounds like you girls had a lot of fun together - you made memories again! The hanger cover is gorgeousness! I'm with you - pastels are all well and fine, but give me some COLOR!! Children love bright colors, too.
Your hubby is a keeper, by the by - good for him to clean up the yuckies! My husband could never do that - he would run to the bathroom and throw up! Oh well... I'm just glad everything is back to "normal" now! What is normal, anyway? LOL!

The Wooden Spool said...

very cute hangers.....very cute indeed!

Finn said...

Hi Angela, so happy to hear little Miss is on the mend *VBS*
And what fun that she love those marvelous stories. My DDIL asked me how did I raise kids without videos??? I had to laugh when she did, you can't miss what you never had. They colored alot, played playdough, etc and did board games.
The decorative hangers are just adorable! Great job on them. Hugs, Finn

Morah said...

Love the hanger covers. I always want to make them but never do???WHY?

Sue in western WA said...

Wow! Such progress on your New Year's resolutions already!!

I love those hanger covers, and feel the same way you do about Weeks' embroidery threads... and about the palettes in the wool. You're using the same color combinations I would use!