Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas here at Casa de Cornfields. No, I don't have my decorations up yet (isn't it bad enough the stores have had them up since Halloween?? EEEKK -- nope, we wait until AFTER Thanksgiving in this house thank you very much) -- but I have been a busy bee sewing up some Christmas themed items and getting some work on hand made presents done. I don't know why I do this to myself every year -- I wait 'til the last minute (ok, so a month or so before isn't the LAST minute, but you know what I mean) to get all the handmade stuff done and/or underway.

If you're like me -- you also forget about people you know you want to do something for -- but not a full quilt (or, well, projects that are going to require a huge investment of time and/or money). The coworker gifts, teachers (my daughter has 4 teachers who are with her on a regular basis), coaches, family members who you see once a year but still want to do something for...what to do? What to do? Well -- one option could be these little lovelies that I've been working on this week. Fun fabric ornaments/gift tags. The pattern is new from Daisy and Dell (though, I was having problems with their site if you follow the link) and tons of fun to make.

Though -- I will have to say, my ability to overly complicate things may have been in overdrive here. Yes, the pattern does call for doing machine blanket stitching around the fused pieces -- but, seriously, on pieces this small -- I probably should have just let it go. It's not like it's going to be washed or anything. It looks great (or at least I think so) but -- seriously folks. Despite that bit of insanity -- they really are fun to make, and easy enough to use for some of those gifts you're not sure what to give -- who couldn't use a cutie patootie ornament for the tree?

I may even make some more of them to give as gifts (or for myself for that matter). Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that I was making these as shop samples. A case of "one of my favorite quilt shop owners and designers (hi Tammy) went to market and I get to play with the goodies!" And speaking of goodies I got to play with (and another shop sample) -- I FINALLY got my hands on some of that yummy Chocolate Lollipop fabric I've been wanting to play with! (If you don't remember -- there was a bit of a saga the last time I tried to find some) Add in a fun new pattern by an all around wonderful blogger who had two new patterns introduced at market (see the November 6th post) and you've got another fun project to make. This one is both fun and easy -- and I have a 'tween on my Christmas list who may be getting one of these. Thanks PamKitty for such a fantastic pattern to play with!

Hmmn...with all of these shop samples you would think that my claim of getting Christmas presents done was, well, not quite the truth. But -- I have, in fact, been getting some done. Or, well, close to it anyway. Here's a sneak peek of an in-progress project -- more of that lovely Cherry Baby fabric. I got to keep some of the "scraps" when I was making aprons and so I've been turning some of them into pincushions. I've got another "scrap" project cooking with these as well -- I'll see about posting hints on that soon :0).

I've got more projects in the works and some fun stuff I'm working on -- but it looks like this post is getting to be WAAAAYYYY longer than I intended (I really need to work on the whole running off at the fingers thing). So, I will say goodnight for now (despite when this SAYS it was published -- it's after midnight by my watch!)

Oooops, almost forgot to mention -- Anna Maria Horner (the lovely lady who designed the Chocolate Lollipop fabrics) will be on Martha today (Nov. 15th) so check it out!


Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

You are just an encyclopeadia of knowledge!! Full of useful (to me) info. on all the latest stuff.
You have been very busy with all the Christmas and pincushions, too cute!!!
ps need your general skills on my 200th post!! Tracey

Karyn said...

Wow, you are B U S Y!

I love the bag (and the patterns) and the tree ornaments. I think it's time to stop reading blogs, because with just weeks to go before Chrismas, I keep getting more and more great ideas! *kiddng, of course*

I can't wait to see your pincushions!

Nicole said...

What a lot of great ideas you have shared! I have to say, I just love those adorable little Christmas ornaments. Cute cute cute!

PamKittyMorning said...

AWWW Your purse turned out so cute! Thanks for mentioning me on your blog, you're so sweet! Love all your goodies and you're so lucky to be working with Tammy!

Elizabeth said...

Pam sent me over here...I was DYING over those adorable ornaments..but then I saw the bag! Rats. Now I want to make some more--and I've only made a couple dozen. SUPER CUTE fabric choices!!

Perry said...

Great gifts you are making. I tried the link you gave, and you are right, problems there. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Fiona said...

Oh, those little gift tags are divine (note to self - must start making some on 1st January- might stand a chance of having made some by Christmas).

andsewitis Holly said...

Great idea! You are so far ahead of me -- I haven't even begun to think about Christmas.

Valerie said...

oh oh Christmas is going to be really colorful at your home !!! there's nothing here before the first weekend of december (of course we don't celebrate Thanksgiving !) - at least.
And I LOVE that Cherry Baby fabric !!!
have a lovely weekend !

Valerie said...

ps : guess what MCI Christmas/winter issue is out, I need your address !!!

Nan said...

Those ornaments and tags are very pretty! I like the fact that you did the blanket stitching on them - extra-specially nice! I am having trouble with the Daisy and Dell site, too. I'll keep trying.
I didn't know PKM had done a pattern! How cute is that? Love the purse you made.
Love the pincushions, too - pretty and practical!

Samantha said...

Okay, I'm going to comment hijack for a second because I know you will understand- I'm going to comment hijack for a second. I tivo'd the Martha/Ana Maria episode. Or so I thought. Thursday last week was our 1 day of the month with the cleaning lady. who apparently RESET my tivo so she could watch TV while cleaning.

It got exactly 3 minutes of Martha- basically the intro, before stopping.


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