Friday, February 8, 2008

Quick Blog Break

I haven't been blogging much the last week or so, or doing a whole lot of crafting. This whole getting sick thing has really knocked me for a loop. The antibiotics helped. I was able to eat again relatively quickly. But the energy levels? I'm still waiting for those to get back to something that resembles "normal". It doesn't help that mommy just doesn't get to be sick in quite the same way as daddy and/or little one (potty training still needs go on, laundry needs to get done, etc., etc., etc.). I think I'm finally getting back up to speed, but -- oy! So, while I'm waiting for my Four Seasons Swap to finish up in the dryer (it didn't bleed!!! Wooo Hooo AND I got out all the markings for the embroidery, double WOO HOO!) -- and thinking about how to apologize to my partner for how late it is -- I thought I 'd take a quick blog break and show what I HAVE been able to get done in the last two weeks.
I did manage to do my part for the economy lately (go and read Kim's blog about this one -- really, you'll be laughing yourself silly). I mean, shopping doesn't take that much energy right? (we'll ignore the fact that when I got home from the shop that day I needed a nap.) And hey -- when you can find some lovely new fabrics? Oh yeah. I finally broke down and bought my very first jelly roll. It's the new Moda Simplicity line by 3 Sisters. Yummy, yummy spring time colors in pinks, blues, yellows, a scrumptious green, and white. Oh my. Not my usual palate at all -- but, oh, how I need some spring. I already have plans for these goodies, just need to get a few more things off my plate. (oh, and I think I'm kind of lucky to have these. I just checked out the Fat Quarter Shop and looks like these haven't gotten in yet...)

I also got some great mail. I won a blog contest over at The Late Bloomer (Thank you Compton) and my goodies arrived over the weekend. Two fantastic patterns and kits to make the cone and heart valentines. Just in time! I think I may be playing with these over the weekend. As for the Altar Steps pattern...oh my, that I may need to go play in the stash for. Much too cute! Thanks so much Elizabeth -- your package made my day.

So, new projects added to the pile, but, how about some things actually done??? There are a couple. I've mostly been finishing up things (note, 4seasons quilt still in the dryer -- LATE). First up on my finally finished list is this cutie. And yes, this is Yet. Another. Apron. I think this is about my 10th apron made from this pattern. Am I tired of it?, not really. I can make them pretty quickly now -- and hey, they turn out so darned cute. Now, having said that, do I want to do another one soon? Um...well, we'll see. This one is a shop sample. More Cherry Baby fabrics from Lakehouse -- with the panel letters used for the word and a fun cupcake applique added. Sorry, that cupcake needs a closeup of its own here. I actually started this one before I got sick folks -- (so much for I can make them quickly) and it took me way too much time to get it done -- but it's done, delivered and last I saw was hanging on a manequin in the shop.

Other than that -- not too much to report. I've been working on finishing up things (weaving in ends of knitting -- mils mitts are done! Yeah!, need to finish sewing down the binding for "bella" -- almost done!, have a couple of things being blocked before I can do much more -- but hey, I'm blocking them...). Lots of things in the "almost done" category that I want to clear out so I can start some new projects. Speaking of which -- I think I just heard the dryer buzzing -- WOOO HOOO! Label to stitch on, photos to take, and a trip to the post office. (which, since I just looked at the time -- will happen tomorrow morning. UGH!) Oh well, almost done with one more! YEAH!
PS -- and STILL no spell check. Um, am I just cursed??!!??


lera said...

Look at all you've accomplished!

(I can't wait for spell check to work again! Grrrr.)

Lisa D. said...

That cupcake apron is just the cutest thing EVER! And I think you do just fine without spell check!

CONNIE W said...

The colors in the apron are perfect and it is sooooo cute.

Karyn said...

I hope you're feeing better by now!!

That cupcake apron has to be the cutest flipping apron I've EVER seen!!!!!! It's so awesome!

Tamara said...

I just love that cute cupcake apron. It is so bright and cheery.

Samantha said...

Love the cupcake; glad to hear you're mending!

Nan said...

I love that cupcake apron! It's sooooooo cute!
I've been thinking about plumping up the economy too, with the purchase of some of that yummy Simplicity fabric! Lovely goodies from The Late Bloomer, too!
You've been very busy girl! Good for you!