Friday, May 18, 2007

Catching up

Now that the school/work craziness has ended (for now), I've been playing "catch up." You know -- all the things that get pushed to the back burner until you have time. Laundry. Cleaning. Sleep. And now that my kitchen is no longer in danger of being condemned by the health department -- I've finally gotten back to my sewing machine. Hoooraaayyy!!! I finished dd's pants (pictures to come) and another UFO that I will post a photo of after the recipient has it. So no photos tonight -- but soon.

Now time for some more "catch up". Helen over at Patchy Work of Mini-Grey tagged me last week with the 7 things about you meme that's been making the rounds, and today Valerie over at Un Arc en Ciel Dans Le Lavabo tagged me again -- guess I should comply!

Since I haven't been blogging long -- there are all sorts of things you don't know about me but it's amazing how hard it is to list facts like this. Oh well, here it goes -- 7 random things you may not know (and possibly don't want to know) about me:

1. I don't drink coffee. Ever. Can't stand it. Love the smell, can make a pretty mean cup (so I've been told) but I just cannot get past the taste. And no, sugar and cream don't help. I don't even like coffee flavored ice cream. My caffeine of choice -- Diet Coke. I drink it morning, noon, night. I'm an addict. I know this and accept it.

2. I discovered my first grey hair when I was 23. As far as I can tell from the roots when I need to re-touch my hair, I'm now about 1/2 way to having totally white hair. Thankfully, I do not have to age gracefully -- I dye my hair regularly and really cannot at this point remember what my natural hair color is. I go to the salon -- say "red". When asked what shade -- I let the stylist have fun with the color and get some variation on red. I've been everything from auburn to my current "lighter red for summer" color.

3. I have been told I am intimidating. I don't personally get this one -- but then, I suppose that's because I know what goes on inside my head. I also find it funny that 5'4", overweight me is intimidating to others (especially since one of the last people to say this to me was over 6' tall, male, and physically way more intimidating than I will ever be). I also find it funny that while others find me intimidating -- my daughter laughs in my face and does what she wants anyway. *s* Guess that will show me.

4. I can walk by a black powder cannon being fired and not flinch. Really. I also like the smell of black powder weapons being fired. My father did American Revolutionary War reenactments while I was growing up. I dressed up too and went with. The "campgrounds" of my youth were the sites of historic battles and the museum/sites that contain them. It was a great way to see parts of the eastern United States (mostly the NE) and to learn about history.

5. Other than the US and Canada, I've only been to one foreign country -- France. (and ok -- I'm not really counting Canada. Sorry to any Canadian readers of my blog, but I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit in Michigan. I think traveling to Canada is like required or something. And since, at the time, it was a trip over the bridge or through the tunnel with some half-hearted questions from the customs folks, it hardly seems like "foreign" travel) I went on my school's French club trip my senior year in high school. I got to spend a few days in Paris, live with a French family for a week, and travel through the Loire Valley and to Normandy. At the time I could speak French, but now, um, now I mangle the language.

6. I am an only child from a large family. No, I am not discounting any brothers and sisters -- really, I am my parents' only child. But -- well, my mom has 7 (yes *7*) sisters. So, I am one of 17 grandchildren and at last count cousins and children of cousins (is that second cousins -- or cousins once removed -- oh bother) was up to 24 (and that doesn't include spouses). My oldest cousin and my youngest aunt are 1 year apart in age. My youngest cousin is 5 or 6. Yes, it makes for interesting family gatherings if you can get us all in one place (which well, just never happens really -- we come close, but usually someone can't make it). So, I grew up with lots and lots of cousins around and learning how to talk over/under/around other conversations. All the benefits of a big family, and I still got to be spoiled rotten.

7. I am a a geek. Really. I collected comic books as a teenager. I play video games. I will read video game magazines. I have written computer programs. I have created web sites. I like techno gadgets. I read/watch/consume science fiction. I've been to a comic book convention. I go to renaissance faires. Yep, geek. That's me. (now, I never said I was *good* at the computer stuff -- just that I've done it -- you can be a geek and not be *good* at it).

Ok -- 7 random things about me. If you are still with me, and you haven't been tagged already --


Now I'm off to finish off some mother's day presents -- yeah for the sewing machine!


Valérie said...

I guess having been tagged by 2, you had no choice !!! thanks for playing ! and PS : I hope this French family was nice to you ?! have a great weekend !

QuiltingFitzy said...

Great Meme post. So what city did you grow-up in..we were so close! (I think we would have been fast friends!)

YankeeQuilter said...

Maye it is the red hair they find intimidating?! : )

Jane Weston said...

I've just one of these tagged things too...
You sound like fun..and a lot like me. I'm a bit of a geek too..I like computer games and have been known to spend evening playing online with the DH. I'm also 5' 4" and "above average"..and I like my hair red too.
Don't worry about offending us Canadians..I always thought the same thing about going to the states..not quite a foreign affair :o)

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Am I tagged now!??!! Love getting more of a picture and as I am the biggest St*r wars fan on the planet I will not be commenting on the geek, also, there's nothing wrong with a cupboard full of Phantom and Disney comics! Pleased life is calmer, chooks are coming when I get a minute for the post office! Tracey

gwen said...

Great things we got to know about you! I can´t drink coffee either and I have been to France as well (LOL)! Thanks for playing along. take care.

Allison Ann Aller said...

What a fun MEME..I do feel like I know you better. ;-)
I grew up in Grand Rapids...I still miss Michigan except from December through March...
Both my sons have been computer gamers since they were little, so I know the type!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I just love getting to know others through this venue. I love coffee, I'm not computer minded at all and doubt that I could intimidate a flea. But in my chest beats the heart of a quilter, so I know that we're true friends! ;)

Samantha said...

thanks for sharing :-) I did thios one the other week... And, I HATE coffee myself, even as I love the smell.

Holly said...

Hi there, you have a beautiful your sushi circle story. lots of yummy going on here!