Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Too much homework...

to get any sewing done in the past couple of days, so I thought I would post a picture or two of some recently (this past October to December is still recent isn't it? I seem to be losing time these days) completed projects. One of my challenges to myself this year is to finish off some UFOs (more on that subject in another post). I had at least two quilts finished (sent out to be long armed) and just waiting for binding -- that had been in that state for over two years. YIKES!
This top was finished in 2004!! I got it back from being quilted in early 2005. And I finished binding it in September of 2006. Talk about delayed gratification. Here it is finished and hanging at my guild show this past fall -- no I didn't expect it to win anything, but it was nice getting some comments on my technique which is all I wanted.

I was so happy to finally have it done and it was nice to curl up under for Halloween this year -- finally! Since every fabric except for the backing and binding are Halloween or fall themed, it was a great way to finally USE all of my holiday fabric. Of course my dd hasn't let me put it away yet -- she loves picking out all of the cats (meows), bats, and moons. Who says Halloween has to end in October?

My other project that I finally finished in December is one that was even older. It was a wonky split rail fence from Jan Mullen's book Cut Loose Quilts. I started this one in 2003 and had it back from the quilter in 2004. Um -- anyone seeing a pattern here about binding? Yes -- I had a totally irrational fear of finishing a binding. Something to do with having to hand sew it down to get it to look right -- after binding four quilts this December I'm over it -- but it took that many for me to feel comfortable. On the plus side it meant I could finally give my cousin her long overdue quilt for Christmas.

This picture doesn't really do the quilt justice -- but it's the only one I have. All of the fabrics are batiks (I simply can't resist batiks -- at one of my favorite LQS's one of the ladies who works there always teases me about my batik addiction). They are all in luscious tones of burgundy, gold, rusty orange, tans and a hint of grey. There is also a fun batik that is black with cat outlines in the tans/golds. My cousin is a devoted kitty cat mom and I love the way this ended up looking like the cats were peeking out from behind layers of rocks.
And yes, my couch is covered in quilts here -- two others, one for my dd and one for my aunt are hanging out plus the usual assortment that are available for cuddling up in front of the TV. I'll post pictures of the other two I finished for Christmas later -- but they were actually started and completed in the same year -- go figure that. I also need to dig out the photo (an actual physical one, none that are digital) of the quilt I made for my mother for Christmas. Hmmnn -- looks like last year was really productive -- what is happening to this one?


gwen said...

You seem to be quite busy on the quilt side! I have just discovered your blog and I like your style very much. I had to laugh reading your post on pink. I have a son (no pink there!) but a niece as well who is crazy about pink and I indulge, sewing dresses, cushions, bags, quilts, ... all pink and I am not a pink person either! Take care

Tonya R said...

My year-round lap quilt is all Halloween, so I completely understanding leaving it out. I get a chuckle every time I turn out the lights and see the glow-in-the dark jack-o-lantern smiles. Very fun quilt.