Saturday, March 17, 2007

Quilter's block

I'm stuck. I have a quilt I've been working on since the first of the year (well -- working on it as much as time allows with school, dd, dh, and work all screaming for my attention). It's a quilt I've been planning/plotting/buying fabric for for over two years. I fell in love with one of the fabrics while I was pregnant with my 21 month old daughter because it reminded me of my craving food -- rainbow sherbet. Since that first fabric, I've been collecting others that fit in with my sherbet/sorbet theme and finally decided enough was enough, I was going to put this one together.

I started the blocks, and have in fact finished all twelve I'm going to use in the quilt. It's a scrappy log cabin variation set on point. Here's a photo of a partially completed block waiting for its triangles to set it on point. And yes, I do realize this one is going to be BRIGHT. I'm at the point where I simply have to arrange the blocks into rows -- but I've suddenly hit the wall with this one. Partially it's because I'm not sure what I want to do with the borders. The pattern I'm using has a plain fabric border. Two problems for me. 1) the fabric I WANT to use (the original inspiration fabric) I don't have enough of, and since I bought it so long ago can no longer find anywhere (and that includes the internet) and 2) I've pretty much decided I would rather do a scrappy border and really make it busy. So -- I think I have enough leftovers from the top (am I the only one who tends to overbuy fabric for quilt tops?) to piece together the borders, but I'm still unsure whether to just do strips, do smaller log cabins and take the design to the edges, etc.

Maybe this one just needs to be put away for awhile to stew -- since I'm planning on finishing it for my daughter's graduation to a twin bed and that is not going to happen for another year (her crib converts into a toddler bed so we have some time), maybe I should just put it in the UFO drawer an let it marinate. Maybe I'll find another inspiration fabric that will sing "border" to me -- then it will be on to the next crisis -- a cutting mistake means the binding fabric I was going to use is not an option. Luckily I DID find some of that online -- just need to bite the bullet and order it.


Diana said...

Hi! I just surfed over from rose marie's and saw your new blog! Welcome! I love the orange/pink blocks--they ARE bright. Putting it aside the "marinate" is a great idea. Sometimes I put something I'm not sure about up on the design wall and stew about it for a few weeks until inspiration hits. I'm sure something will come to you eventually.

The jacket for your daughter is darling, by the way.

Tonya R said...

wheeee, love the colors. would love to see what teh blocks will look like together. A piano key border sounds like a great idea to me.