Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer School Part II

Thanks to all of you for your support of the summer sickness and sunburn post. I really hadn't noticed how negative it was until I reread it -- not really my intention. So, as a bit of an antidote I thought I would post a few more "summer school" lessons that have been a blast and a half.

A clear empty jar with a few holes punched in the lid, dusk, and a few handfuls of fireflies (lightning bugs, whatever) make for a good hour's worth of giggles and excitement.

Rainy days are a wonderful excuse to play with inexpensive picture frames, leftover tissue paper, glue and glitter.

I love seeing the smile on my daughter's face when she's made a "project" "all on her own" (we won't mention the help from mommy now will we?).

Despite the idiocy of her mother forgetting to put on sunscreen -- watching my brave girl willing to jump right into the "big pool" with no fear -- reminds me to have a little less fear of my own. (and also keeps my eyes WIDE open and alert -- bravery is one thing, safety an entirely different concept)

Warm days and lovely nights equal good sleeping weather and lots of fun at the park and pool.

Pretty good lessons overall, though, still not much time left for crafting and/or blogging. Oh well, I'll get caught up on my blog reading and my project list SOMEDAY!

I also thought I'd share some more photos of the patchwork balls I have hanging around the house. These are the ones I made for my daughter (except for the Halloween one -- that one was made by a dear friend as she was tempting me to want to make them on my own -- evil, evil woman that she is). Even without using the photo transfers they're a fun little project. Most of these were made with scraps from other projects and done in a night or two (except for the big mutha in the back, that one took a bit more time).

And to give you an idea of the size of these things, this is the smallest ball in my hand. My husband keeps telling me it's the perfect size for a juggling ball and that he'd like a couple more of them -- I keep saying it is made up of an awful lot of triangle pieces.

Though, I can't help thinking that this one with the stars would be fun to try again -- maybe in patriotic colors for the fourth? Hmmn...not that I need another project anytime soon.

Speaking of projects, I need to get back to today's task -- Mom will be here tomorrow for a visit so need to get my stuff out of her room :0).


katelnorth said...

how about "glow worms" :) evocative, eh? Not that we get them much around here, more's the pity.

Amy said...

Fun post - glad your having fun!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Wonderful memories in the making, the patchwork balls are great!

Nan said...

I am very pleased to read that summer has had it's wonderful pleasures, too! Hooray!
I am loving the patchwork balls - they are so bright and happy! Makes we want to toss one!

Diana said...

Your patchwork balls look great! I keep a couple in a bowl in the living room and everyone always wants to pick them up and squish them. The picture frame project looks like fun, too!

Magpie Sue said...

Love the idea of photos on the patchwork balls! I made soft balls for my children too, when they were little. Only mine were made with 6 panels of fabric sewn together on the machine rather than the heavy duty hand piecing of Jinny Beyers'. I did one panel in aida cloth and stitched name and birth date on my daughter's ball. Only on hers though! Life somehow got too busy after that. ;- )